Grace Reliant Family Foundation

Catalysts for Positive Change

Grace Reliant Family Foundation is here to foster growth and well-being in communities worldwide.

We are dedicated to channeling our resources to fund local, regional, and global Christian ministries and causes that align with our values.

Through strategic philanthropy, we seek to advance God’s kingdom, leaving a last impact on eternal futures.

Core Aspects of Our Mission


Intercession at Grace Reliant Family Foundation funds those dedicated to praying for their communities, ministries, and individuals facing challenges. Our commitment is to spiritual stewardship through prayer, providing spiritual support and guidance to ensure that those we serve can achieve their potential in alignment with God’s plan.


Our Missions program focuses on spreading the gospel and providing aid both locally and globally. We partner with churches and Christian organizations to conduct missions that improve lives through education, healthcare, and the spread of the good news. Our goal is to make a tangible difference in the lives of the underserved and to foster spiritual growth across communities.


The Education initiative at Grace Reliant Family Foundation aims to support Christian educational programs that provide rigorous academic and spiritual teaching. We fund schools, scholarships, and educational resources to ensure that individuals in underprivileged areas have access to quality education that also nurtures their spiritual development.

Special Needs

Our Special Needs program is dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities by providing them access to customized educational resources and therapeutic services. We focus on inclusivity in Christian education and community activities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities, can participate fully in their community and spiritual life.

Apply for a Blessing

Grace Reliant Family Foundation provides grants to fund 501c3 organizations with ties to Southeast Missouri and are dedicated to worldwide Christian missions, Christian education, and special needs education.

The Foundation also provides scholarships to individuals for post-secondary education in Christian ministry and individuals with special needs for academic and vocational education.

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